Mormon Sunday School Podcast

Mormon Sunday School

The Mormon Sunday School podcast provides an example of “Religion Better than True”, by teaching lessons based on the LDS scriptures in a way that everyone can get behind, from an active Mormon to an atheist. Functionally, the podcast teaches human well-being using Mormon language.

Mormon Sunday School Podcast

Humanist Home EveningComing Soon

The Humanist Home Evening podcast presents Religious Humanism in a family or group context with a year of content. The podcast will focus on life and relationship skills, celebrating individual and group identity, and connecting with the broader world and its history.

Religious Humanist PodcastComing Soon

The Religious Humanist podcast will consist of 20-30 minute high quality episodes released weekly, with the following rotation of episodes:
1) Sermons: Humanist sermons teaching life-skills and drawing illustrations from science and culture;
2) History: Interviews that explore the history of religion and related topics;
3) Science: Interviews on the science of religion and religious experience;
4) Scripture: Literary reviews of books and other media focusing on how they can inspire and motivate, thus functioning as scripture; and
5) Prophets: Spotlighting of activists who are making the world better in innovative, sustainable ways–our generation’s prophets.