What is Religious Humanism?

You may love the idea of a religious approach to Humanism, or the idea of religion may appall you. You probably fall somewhere in between.

We can meet you where you are, because you are human (if you are not, please contact me!).

Religious Humanism is not so much an approach to religion as an approach to the human
experience. Whatever associations you have with religion, the *elements* of religion are evolved into you as a human being.

Story. Purpose. Ritual. Belonging. Giving.

We crave and resonate with these elements that religion contains in so concentrated a form.

That said, most religion today fails to meet the demands of modern life. Most of our resources go toward consumption, entertainment, and distraction while crises rage. Our evolution, religion, and life are out of alignment.

Religious Humanism seeks to heal the world through religion done better. It uses the cultural technology of religion to foster individual and collective thriving, and aims this uniquely motivating force at the urgent problems that confront us today.

Look around. See what part you want to play in bettering the human experience.