Donating through PayPal is convenient, and donating by check is best for larger donations (PayPal is free for you to donate, but charges us a fee for each transaction. A check allows all your support to go directly to the nonprofit). The best way to support us is with a monthly donation or larger one time contribution.

By donating to the Olam Institute, you will help improve the world through Religious Humanism. The Olam Institute is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt religious non-profit, so all your donations are fully tax deductible.

Our primary funding goal is to continue to commission proofs of concept, which will seed further donations and even grant applications (The competitive $100k Buckminster Fuller challenge is my current target).

These proofs of concept will include:

  • Cathedral art of Humanist Saints
  • An image of the Lifeist Pantheon and Demonarchy
  • Designs for Life, Earth, and Geek Cathedrals
  • Hymns
  • Sections of the Geek, Earth, and Life Bibles

Your contributions also enable me to prepare and begin the Humanist Home Evening podcast in January 2017.

I invite you to go to the forums and submit your thoughts and designs. In the meantime, I will pay professionals to help the rest of us see the vision of Religious Humanism.

I am transitioning to focusing all my efforts on Religious Humanism. Your support during this pivotal time will allow us to build up a movement that will continue to do sustainable good in the world.


Your support will fund the following projects.
Each will be independently beneficial while also laying the groundwork for larger goals.

Stage 1: Foundations

Design and manage

  • Forums will crowdsource the details of Religious Humanism
  • Other resources will provide a library of content that will allow for immediate application of Religious Humanism
  • Religious Humanist Store
  • Wikis provide the most up to date articulations of Religious Humanist elements

The Mormon Sunday School podcast

  • Provides an example of “Religion Better than True”
  • Concept art, hymns, scripture sections

Stage 2: Online Religious Humanism

The Humanist Home Evening Podcast

The Religious Humanist Podcast

Design and manage

  • Interactive educational site that explores the past, present, and future of religion, as well as the intersection of religion and human nature

The Spiritual Training Regimen app

Multiplayer religion with online cathedrals

A Masters of Divinity program to become a Religious Humanist Minister

Materials to support Religious Humanist congregations

Stage 3: Real World Religious Humanism

Religious Humanist congregations

A seminary to train Religious Humanist clergy

K-12 Religious Humanist educational program

Prototype cathedrals for Life, Earth, and Geek Church

The Humanist Home Evening page

  • Humanist Home Evening presents: “A Year Of”